Rates & Policies


Lessons are billed on a flat monthly fee, based on a 4 week month (at the rates described below).

Here are the monthly tuition payments:

Monthly Tuition:

 1 student (30 min):            $180   

(4 x $45 per week)    


1 student (45 min):             $260       

(4 x $65 per week)


2 students (60 min)


1 student (60min):               $340

(4 x $85 per week)


2 students (75 minutes):     $400

(4 x $100 per week)


 3 students (90min):             $440

(4 x $110 per week)

These are flat monthly rates.  There is no extra charge for months with 5 lessons.  There are no refunds for months when lessons are missed or cancelled.

These rates will only apply from September through May.  See below for my "Summer Policy".

There are 5 holidays during the Sept.-May period when lessons are not taught:

Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, and Memorial Day.

There is no change in the monthly tuition if your lesson day happens to fall on one of these holidays.I'll try to find a make-up time if your lesson falls on one of these hoidays, but make-ups are not guaranteed.

There may be times when due to illness or travel, I must cancel a lesson. If this happens, first we will see if it is possible to reschedule. If a make-up is not possible, I will reduce the charge for that month by the weekly rate for each lesson missed.  If I have to cancel after I have collected for the month, the per lesson credit will be given the next month.


Payment Policy:

Payment is due at the last lesson of the month for the upcoming month.  

Cancellation Policy:

If you do need to miss a lesson, please let me know.  I will try to schedule a make-up if there is room in my schedule.  There is no guarantee of a make-up for missed lessons however. Please let me know about lessons you will miss with as much notice as possible.  This way make-up lessons will be easier to schedule for everybody.

Holding your time slot:

As long as you pay the monthly tuition, your time slot is guaranteed.  Of course regular lesson attendance and practice are the keys to progress, but as long as you pay your tuition, there is no penalty for missed lessons. 

If you decide to drop off the schedule, you give up your slot.  (This includes during the summer.)  When you return, you will be placed back into the schedule as a new student based on availability.


Summer Policy:

I understand that June, July and August are different from the rest of the year.  Family vacations and summer camps make weekly lessons more difficult.  So during those months I have a more flexible policy. 

I will be taking off July 1st through July 14th (2 weeks).  To make the summer simple, the last week in May I will collect a single tuition payment for the entire summer based on a 9 week summer schedule (there are actually 13 weeks each summer).


Summer Tuition:

1 student (30 min):      $405

(9 x $45 per week)


1 student (45 min):      $585

(9 x $65 per week)   


2 students (60 min)


1 student (60min):       $765

(9 x $85 per week)


2 students (75 min):    $900

(9 x $100 per week)


3 students (90min):     $990

 (9 x $100 per week)


This flat summer tuition will hold your slot in my schedule for the fall no matter how many lessons you miss.  Of course if you attend consistently it's a good value! 

 If your summer schedule is such that making 9 lessons at your normal time is difficult, we can reschedule for more convenient times.  Between school being out and so many folks on vacation, summer scheduling is very flexible!

 Recitals and Books:

I hold recitals twice a year. They are held at the Denver School of the Arts. The recital fee is $20 per student.  This will be collected along with the lesson fee for the month of the recital.  Books should be paid for when delivered.

Special Policy Available for Daytime Adult Students

 I understand that adult students often have trouble committing to 4 lessons a month every month.  I have much greater flexibility in my schedule Mon-Fri before 3pm.  So if you are an adult student (18 yrs or older) and can make lessons during the day (over by 3pm) give me a call at 303-731-7933 and we'll set up a flexible schedule that will work for you.  You will only pay for missed lessons if you cancel the same day. This is great for people who travel or have unpredictable schedules.  Give me a call and we'll work it out!