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An artist who makes music for people who love music... Thank goodness for that.

The captivating SPICE OF LIFE is an adventure through and through. Just because the label on the CD says "Piano & Instrumental," please don't let that fool you. From the opening track, "Margarita Dance" (which I hope we've all done at least once in our lives), the project sets an exhilarating and invigorating tone. This special piece of music features an assertive trumpet solo that places me at a certain palapa in my mind, south of the border on the Yucatan Peninsula... The compelling "After Sunset" is absolutely enthralling, a song for people who love their music to move them. Like David Lanz and Jim Brickman, Madison is a composer with his hand on the pulse of the people. I appreciate the way he weaves in Smooth Jazz signature instruments like trumpet, saxophone and guitar. To me, this adds a deeper layer to his songs and enhances the experience of the melody. I am taken by so many of the tracks on SPICE OF LIFE. "Costa Maya" really speaks to me with its incredible waves of emotion; it reminds me of the works of one my all time favorite pianists, Peter Kater. "Tangled Web," is equally entrancing, somewhat hypnotic and driving, providing a relaxing, jazzy journey. SPICE OF LIFE is indeed music for people who love music. Go ahead, spice up your listening environment, grab a copy!


Solo Piano Publications - Review of " Autumn Road"

Wistful and dreamy, it is easy to picture a walk on a country road as the colors turn on the leaves and the temperatures start to dip.

"Spice of Life"  Review  from  C AFE JAZZ LYNX

   Regardless of the genre, Madison's style and compositions have always reflected a philosophy, to make music for people who love music, an ideology that nicely meshes with our own; consequently, Spice of Life is a perfect choice for our showcase feature. Par for the course, we have a trio of selections that I know you're going to love

     To launch the proceedings we're spinning Tangled Web, upon which Vince handles the guitar duties in addition to his keyboard work. The track Slow Dance elegantly opens the second half of the show; the trumpet of Eric Schneider lightly chills the selection while Marianna Madison's gorgeous vocals accentuate the melody!! Finally, the apex of the album may well be our closer, a modern jazz classic called Saxy, with Jacob Teichrow's sax perfectly complementing the spark of Madison's keyboard groove. As good as they are, these tracks still provide only a small but exquisite taste of an album seasoned with variety and filled with exceptional moments!!

New Horizons show on  KHIH Radio Denver (now CD104.3)

Full of innocence and imagery, a totally fresh new sound...   ~ Marie Michaels