Music Lessons

   Vince Madison is a professional composer/pianist and an engaging and personable instructor. With 7 CDs of original piano music and over 80,000 CDs sold, Vince is a seasoned performer and recording artist. But one of his great joys is sharing his knowledge of music with others.


Piano of course is Vince's main instrument.  Vince can teach anyone from a complete beginner to advanced students.  Vince's background is in jazz/pop music, but is familiar with many different styles. Click on the "Piano Instruction" button above to find out more.


Vince actually started his musical career on guitar, and even earned a college scholarship on the instrument.  Vince teaches guitar lessons to beginning and intermediate students.  Whether you want to study classical, folk or rock, Vince can help you!  Click on the "Guitar Lessons" button above to find out more.

Music Technology

Vince has been working with music technology since the 1980's, when MIDI was just being invented, and has kept up with the latest technology as a composer and arranger.  If you want to set up a home studio, but don't know how to put all the pieces together, or aren't quite sure what the pieces are, Vince can help you pull it together.  Click on the "Music Technology Lessons" button above for more information.

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