Yoga Music

Yoga Poses

Vince Madison here.  I have been practicing yoga on a daily basis for over 3 years now, and find it to be not only enjoyable, but extremely valuable.  I was inspired to create music suitable for yoga classes. 

My inspiration led me to create a series of 17 tracks, each one with its own energy level. 

Click here to listen to and purchase the music.

They fall into 6 Energy levels:

Start of Class Tracks begin with a floating meditative feel and transition into a gentle rhythm.

Medium Energy Tracks are suitable for times when some energy is desired, but nothing too intense.  For example. building up after a "Start of Class" track, or taking it down after a "Hi Energy Track".

Medium High Energy Tracks Tracks take it up a notch.  We're starting to sweat now!

High Energy Tracks are not suitable for every class. (If you're not soaked in sweat, you're just not trying!)

Chill Tracks have a slower pace,  gentler sounds.  Perfect for a mellow class or winding down.

Savasana Tracks: Lie back and feel the benefits!

Click here to hear samples of each track.   Audition them to see what might be useful for your practice. You can buy the music from the same page. You can purchase each track separately, or purchase them all as an album.